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By far the BEST Raleigh Mover & Moving Company offering great moving service.

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Raleigh, NC | Local and Long Distance Movers


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Local Moves in Raleigh


  • Local Moves in Raleigh are based on a per hour basis depending on how many men you need...please call for our rates

  • All local moves have 1 hr trip charge

  • Furniture pad wrapping, stretch wrapping of sofas, take down/set up of beds


Moves 35 miles or more



  • Tariff Rates apply on move weight as supplied by NC Utilities Commission

  • Moving outside Raleigh, NC?

  • Call us for a fast free interstate moving quote over the phone 1-800-355-2075






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raleigh movers north carolina

Raleigh Movers  



Please review the North Carolina list of licensed and insured "raleigh moving companies" for Raleigh Movers

MOVES OF 35 MILES OR LESS (HOURLY RATES): Moves of 35 miles in the Raleigh area or less are billed at hourly rates based upon the number of workers/vans and the time it takes to perform the move. The regulations define the maximum rates that movers may charge which allows movers and their customers to negotiate the rates to be used. The “clock” starts when the Raleigh mover arrives at your home, and it stops when all the services at the destination have been completed.  A charge may be assessed for traveling to your current home and from your new home.  Time will be rounded up to the nearest quarter hour for the Raleigh move.

MOVES OF 36 MILES OR MORE (WEIGHT/DISTANCE RATES): Moves greater than 35 miles outside Raleigh, NC are billed based on the weight of the shipment and the distance between origin and destination. 

We are also an interstate agent for long distance moves through National Vanlines moving

Please review the North Carolina list of licensed and insured "raleigh moving companies" for Raleigh Movers


We are also an interstate agent for National Moving Vanlines.  If you are expecting to complete a long distance move outside of Raleigh please review the "move checklist" and your "complete information about your move rights and responsibilities" that will also be e-mailed in your mover package for your move.  If you are moving out of state movers should give you your interstate moving rights pdf.


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Raleigh Movers

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Raleigh Movers is the BEST local moving company offering moves and Storage in Raleigh, North Carolina. Call (919) 562-1226 for rates.  We are a licensed Raleigh Moving Company serving North Carolina. Raleigh Movers keeps NC moving.

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